Pulp Injection Molding
Prof. Hidetoshi Yokoi
Interview of Doctor of Engineering
Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo
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Injection machine
Purged material (cylinder temperature )
Purged material tensile
To make plastic models finely. We are called 'pulp model'.
We requested collaboration in research into Daiho Industrial Company’s patented "PIM technology" in 2005, and he has helped us investigate and make decisions on the direction of research.
In 2006, we established a "PIM Consortium," a research society with the participation of numerous clients, and the professor has played a central role in the sharing of research results. So far, he has co-authored more than 20 society reports on PIM technology.

Our first technological issue was improving productivity. As the result of our research, we succeeded in reducing the time taken for production to one third of what it used to be.
This has boosted the price competitiveness of resin molded products, and I believe we are on the verge of finding practical applications for the technology.
Secondly, it was of great importance to clarify certain phenomena. To achieve this, we succeeded in achieving visual confirmation of the process through glass insertion. Furthermore, we established a point marking method to track the flow of materials, and technology to evaluate molded products using an X-ray CT scanner. These are vital to the enhancement of molding technology, and they are already being used as designing technology.

As I stated previously, its establishment as molding technology has advanced to the stage where it has a huge range of applications. Molding time has also been reduced to a third, making it (cost) competitive with resin molding.
Our objective is to reduce the amount of resin used, which is environmentally damaging, and to replace it with less environmentally damaging materials based on paper, for making as many parts as possible. And we want to spread this throughout the world through PIM technology. You may not notice these products straight away, but we currently have many trial products which we hope will burst onto the market in the future.
Furthermore, this technology is unique to Japan. We are confident this technology will spread throughout Japan first, then onto the rest of the world.

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