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Molding / Finishing and Assembling
Rapid Heat Cycle Molding
RHCM rapidly raises the temperature of the metal mold to the metal mold through the steam of the high temperature.
The transcript of KYABl polished like specular is improved, there is no Weld line, and a beautiful product is made.
ThereforeCthe advanced technique is needed for the handling of the molding method and the metal mold that not is before.
Molding Machine, under 200 t / Molding Machine, under 850 t / Molding Machine, over 850 t
Particular facilities
RHCM Injection Molding / Gas Injection Molding / PIM Clean room
PP Recycling Equipment / Pellet Processor / Laser Cutter Robot / Produced Parts
< TV Parts >  
Front panel
Back Cover
Cabinet Air Conditioner
Refrigerator Case
< Motorcar Parts >
Pocket Deck
Air Bag
Medical care
<Health Equipment>
Massager Cover
Nursing Mattress
< Office Parts >
Printer Cabinet
Coating Plant
Rotary Coating Equipment
The rotary coating equipment has a rotary gun allowing it to handle a variety of coating methods. For example, we have added a function enabling the gun to slide sideways in addition to the traditional rotational function. The combination of these movements allows it to handle the coating of products with complex surfaces.
Handles thick film coating, high quality primer coating, and thin film overglazing.
Robot Coater
Reversible robot. Coats products while simultaneously removing products which have already been coated.
Double Circulating Drying Oven
The drying oven allows operation in four patterns enabling it to flexibly handle a variety of tasks.
  1. Double circulation operation.
  2. Reverse operation.
  3. Parallel operation.
  4. Reverse parallel operation.
Coating Water Discharge Treatment Equipment
Used water discharged from the coating booth is collected by this machine where the water and paint are separated. The paint is discharged as waste, while the water is sent back to the coating booth to be reused.
Air Pressurizer
Air from outside the plant is pumped into the building to keep the inside pressurized. This creates a flow of air from the inside to the outside whenever a door is opened, preventing unfiltered air, dust and other particles from entering the building.
Neutralizing Room
The neutralizing room has an ion generator which neutralizes the static electricity of dust and other particles by discharging a shower of positive and negative ions.
Printing and Assembling
  Silk printing / Pad printing
  Plasma television assembling / Air conditioner assembling / Refrigerator assembling
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