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Eco Recycle System
Metals are removed from PP (polypropylene) resin recovered from discarded household electrical appliances. After processing to remove contaminants, the resin is cleaned by original cleaning equipment and cleaning fluid (made of natural substances), and turned into recycled resin clean enough to clear food sanitation laws.
Eco Recycle System Operation Flow
Recyclable resins only are recovered from plastic collected from household electrical appliance recycling plants, after the plastic has had metals / contaminants removed from it using a specialized machine.
A cleaning fluid, made of 100% natural substances clearing food sanitation laws, is used to clean the plastic in a specialized machine (smell is also removed from the waste plastic).

Water is removed from the plastic through dehydration and drying.
The PP is turned into recycled material fit for use in parts which come into direct contact with food.
100% recycled materials are used to manufacture parts for household electrical appliances.
Examples of Recycled Products
Parts for Refrigerators
Future Developments
We will aim to develop a wider variety of machines and a better system for testing resin properties, in order to bolster quality assurance of recycled resins. We will also aim to develop goriginal resinsh with properties sought after by customers.

In an age when people are focusing on environmental problems on a global scale, it is hoped that this recycling system will contribute greatly to the future of society.
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