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Company History
March 1937: DAIHO SHOKAI established and the sale of electrical insulating materials begins.
August 1940: DAIHO Plastics lndustrial, Ltd. established separately. Begins manufacturing molded synthetic resin products.
February 1944: Name changed from DAIHO Plastics lndustrial, Ltd. to DAIHO Industrial Co., Ltd.
May 1951: Injection Molding Department established. First pot-type vertical injection molding machine made by MATSUDA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. is installed.
March 1960: Yodogawa Factory begins operating (at the current head office location). Additional large scale molding machine installed under the 4th Plan of the Molding Division.
May 1967: Tottori Factory begins operating.
April 1970: Fukuoka Factory begins operating.
June 1970: Nasu Factory begins operating.
November 1978: TYLON (S) PTE. LTD. established in Singapore. Global expansion begins.
October 1988: DAIHO AGENCY OF INSURANCE CO., LTD. established.
June 1989: Otawara Factory begins operating.
July 1989: TYLON (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. begins operating the Kuala Lumpur Factory.
August 1992: Omuta Factory begins operating.
April 1998: Extrusion Molding Division separated and transferred to TYLON CO.,LTD.
November 1998: DAIHO (PHILS.), INC. begins operating the Laguna Factory.
March 2001: DAIHO (PHILS.), INC. begins operating the Lima Factory.
June 2001: DAIHO CZECH s.r.o. begins operating the Plzen Factory.
July 2001: Patent for PIM (Pulp Injection Molding) technology acquired in the U.S.
June 2002: PT. DAIHO INDONESIA begins operating the Batam Factory.
April 2003: Ashikaga Factory begins operating.
August 2003: Assets of KOHNO PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. transferred to begin operating it as Kohno Factory.
March 2006: Tokyo Office opened.
April 2006: Konan Factory beings operating.
June 2006: DAIHO MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) LTD. begins operating the Thailand Factory.
March 2007: 70th anniversary commemorated.
July 2009: Shanghai Representative Office established.
June 2012: PT. DAIHO INDONESIA begins operating the Jakarta Factory.
September 2013: Capital tie-up with MAGATA FUJI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
October 2014: DAIHO Schenk s.r.o. begins operating the Schenk Factory.
April 2015: TOKAI Company established in Tokai District.
August 2015: DAIHO (PHILS.), INC.begins operating Laguna Factory2.
April 2016: Renamed MAGATA FUJI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. to
March 2017: 80th anniversary commemorated.
October 2018: DAIHO (PHILS.), INC.begins operating Lima Factory2.
July 2020: Purchase of a stake in Wisconsin, USA–based Polyfab LLC
November 2020: Establishment of Daiho Information Technology Center in the Philippines
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